Lots of specials on the menu for February. To start, everything’s coming up roses! Doughnuts with edible rose petals and rose water glaze! Rose doughseeds! Rose water marshmallows! Rose Hot Chocolate! And for Valentine’s — heart-shaped doughnuts (Rose & Passion Fruit) available starting Feb 7.

New fruit & nut specials also started February 1: PASSION FRUIT & RED WALNUT. Passion Fruit is a classic Doughnut Plant glaze, we’ve been making this with real passion fruit since 1995. Yeast, cake and new this year: Passion Fruit doughseeds, with a vanilla cream filling. And in a new twist on our classic Walnut glaze, we’re using RED WALNUT in our glaze for the first time. Yeast, cake and a Red Walnut doughseed with a white chocolate cream filling.

Finally, our limited edition Valentine’s Box of Chocolate Doughseeds will be back in time for the holiday, too.

All this, along with our classic flavors, Cake Doughnut of the Day specials, House Blend coffee roasted by Intelligentsia, Valrhona Hot Chocolate with house-made vegan marshmallows and our Guest Coffee Roaster JOE (try shots of the Waverly and pour-overs of Guatamala Finca Huixoc). So much to love at Doughnut Plant in February.




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