Guest Roaster: Café Grumpy

We’re pleased to offer two coffees from our latest Guest Coffee Roaster Café Grumpy.

• LA BOLSA, from an estate in La Libertad, Huehuetenango, in Guatemala. We taste lemon verbena, buttery shortbread and baking chocolate and think this pairs perfectly with our Blackout or Tres Leches doughnuts. (You can see photos from Café Grumpy’s latest trip to Guatemala here).

• HEARTBREAKER ESPRESSO, Café Grumpy’s signature house blend that develops and changes seasonally. The current components are: Hunapú, Antigua, from Guatemala and Deri Kochoha from Sidama, Ethiopia. It’s sweet and floral, like wildflower honey. Café Grumpy explains the history of the Heartbreaker like this: “Cheryl once described a macchiato as a “heartbreaker”…as in it was so delicious, it melted or broke her heart. When we had our espresso-naming contest, Liam remembered this and shouted out “heartbreaker.” He won a Chemex, and we won the name.”

We also currently offer fine coffees from Intelligentsia and Toby’s Estate, too. Ask our baristas for our recommended coffee and doughnut pairings!



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