Introducing the Ripple

Round and round and round.

Today we launched our latest creation, the Ripple doughnut. It’s a doughnut in a doughnut in a doughnut. Three rings of doughnutty goodness. Grub Street calls it an “Inception-style pastry.”

Doughnut Plant owner Mark Isreal says the inspiration was his bike. One day, his bike was leaning against the wall of doughnut tiles (handmade by Mark’s father Marvin) at our Chelsea shop and he saw the circles of the bike tires and the tiles. He grabbed a piece paper and started drawing circles within circles. And the Ripple was born.

We introduced three flavors today:
• Thanksgiving Ripple
Cranberry doughnut, sweet potato doughnut + crystallized ginger doughnut
• Berry Parfait Ripple
Blueberry doughnut, yogurt granola doughnut + raspberry doughnut
• Mochaccino Ripple
Mocha doughnut, coffee doughnut + milk doughnut with cinnamon

Available after 11 a.m. daily, exclusively at Doughnut Plant Chelsea, with limited quantities daily.

And stay tuned. This is just the beginning.

Photo by @noleftovers

Photo by Melissa Horn for Grub Street

19 thoughts on “Introducing the Ripple

  1. I would like to order a ripple donut am I able to customize it or does it only come in the 3 flavors listed?

    Thank you.

    • Hi. Right now, all Ripples are only sold in our NYC shops. We are working on a cake version that will available for shipping at — stay tuned!

  2. I’m in CA and already a gold belly client. MONGO WANT TRIPLE DONUT! Please advise when a schlub like me can order these amazing donuts!!!! I’ll keep an eye on gold belly.

    • We’re working on a cake version –and then we can ship. Right now, the triple Ripple is yeast and won’t travel. Coming soon!!

    • Hi — for now, the Ripple is only available in NYC. We are working on a cake version that will be available for shipping nationwide.

  3. Can I now order your donut in a donut in a donut to be shipped to my mother-in-law in Nebraska? If so what flavors are available & what amount do I need to order & the price? Also what is your most popular donut. Thanks

    • The Ripple is a yeast doughnut and we only ship our cake doughnuts ( We hand make everything daily. We use only the finest ingredients possible and no preservatives. Our yeast doughnuts have a short shelf life and are sold only the day they are made (and we make them throughout the day to keep them fresh). Our most popular doughnuts are Creme Brulee, PB&J and the classic Vanilla Bean! But, ask 10 people and you may get 10 different answers.

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