Introducing the WHITEOUT

Today we introduce WHITEOUT, our latest filled cake doughnut! The BLACKOUT, Doughnut Plant’s tribute to Brooklyn’s Ebinger’s Bakery (1898-1972), has long been one of our most popular doughnuts, especially for chocolate lovers. Now we’ve made a version with white chocolate! White chocolate cake doughnut dipped in Valrhona white chocolate, with a white chocolate pudding filling and then sprinkled with white chocolate cake crumbs. Let us know what you think!

Blackout & Whiteout


3 thoughts on “Introducing the WHITEOUT

  1. OMG I’m in love with you!!
    I must say, food porn is way better than regular porn! !
    Do you ship your donuts please say yes!!!

    • Unfortunately, no. Our doughnuts are handmade daily with only the finest ingredients and no preservatives. We only sell what we make each day. We’re obsessed with the quality and making the best doughnuts possible, and shipping them just won’t do them justice.

  2. I had your peanut butter with banana cream filled donut today. That is one of my new favorites. I also introduced my girlfriend to the Donut Plant. She had the creme brulee and the tres leches donuts and was floored that they were so amazing.

    Thank you for keeping the donuts coming and keep the new flavors coming.

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