In collaboration with the Kenny Scharf Kolors exhibition at the Paul Kasmin Gallery and Kreemart, we’ve created seven artful edible versions of Kenny’s doughnut paintings. Limited edition flavors, including Coconut Donut in Space, Cosmic Donut, and Chocolate Chocolate! will be available for purchase exclusively from Scharf’s Carzy Roy Al – a customized doughnut cart – in the Plaza at The Standard, High Line, Thursday – Saturday, 7 – 10pm, April 5 – May 4, 2013.

Flavors include:
• Coconut Donut in Space Fresh coconut! We break open fresh coconuts daily.

• Cosmic Donut Vanilla bean glaze topped with Valrhona chocolate.

• Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles in Space Valrhona chocolate glaze with organic sprinkles.

• Pink Donut with Sprinkles in Space Fresh organic raspberries in the glaze with organic sprinkles on top.

• Frosty Pink Donut in Outer Space Fresh organic raspberries in the glaze.

• Pink Frosted Donut with Chocolate Sprinkles Over a Desert Landscape Organic blueberries in the glaze, organic chocolate sprinkles on top.

• Chocolate Chocolate! Rich chocolate cake doughnut dipped in Valrhona chocolate.

Since our founding on NYC’s Lower East Side in 1994, Doughnut Plant’s passion has been making the best doughnuts in the world, handcrafted every day using the finest ingredients available.


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