“Taste of Japan” celebrates 12 years of Doughnut Plant Tokyo. Three flavors this year: YUZU, BLACK SESAME and MATCHA GREEN TEA. These were first made for our NYC shops in 2004 when DP Tokyo first opened.

YUZU is a Japanese citrus fruit about the size of a tangerine. Think of it as kind of a small lemon with a subtly exotic aroma and a burst of flavor to match. It is difficult to describe what yuzu tastes and smells like. It’s more floral and sweet than lemon and less acidic. Words that come to mind are zesty, aromatic, subtle and coy.

BLACK SESAME is a flavor that has always been extremely popular in Japan, China and Hong Kong. Often, black sesame is used as a sweet, pudding-like dessert in Asian cultures, a welcomed alternative to the often overly-sweet counterparts we tend to choose from in North America. The black sesame seed we used is from Japan. It is an especially good source for Vitamin B1 and antioxidants. Sweet, nutty.

MATCHA GREEN TEA has a vibrant green color. It has a nice, natural, sweet taste and sweet smell. To some Americans, the real matcha we use (direct from Japan) has a vegetal taste, but true lovers of matcha appreciate and love it and find it sweet.


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